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Moonwalk Rentals Atlanta: Get active with balancing exercises that provide multiple health and fitness benefits for kids

Moonwalk Rentals Atlanta: No matter your age, poise and stability are essential skills for staying fit. “Good balance is key because it helps prevent injury, keeps joints in proper alignment, and gives an advantage when it comes to playing sports,” explains Jordan Metzl, a doctor of sports medicine at New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery and the author of The Young Athlete. Help your child improve her balance (and practice your own) with these fun challenges. 1. Back to Back Have your kids sit on the ground with their backs to each other. See if they can stand up without using their hands. Hint: They’ll need to press against each other at the same time to pull it off. 2. Do the Hop Drape a bandana or other lightweight fabric over one of your child’s feet. With that foot lifted, can she hop up and down without losing the fabric? 3. Don’t Drop the Ball Have your child hold a ball between her knees (use one she can squeeze comfortably) then try to walk. Now, see if she can hop or skip. Rent a bounce house from Have A Ball Party Rentals


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Here at Have A Ball Party Rentals, we offer an array of services.  We rent inflatables such as: Atlanta moonwalks, bounce houses, moon bounce, bouncy house, bouncers, jumpers, slides, combination units and obstacles courses.  In addition, we rent concessions such as cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, and popcorn machines, tables and chairs. One of our event planning specialist can handle all aspect of planning your event or assist you with decorating or organizing a portion it.  We also offer Printing Services for your special event and custom party decorations.  Visit us online at or call us today at 404.346.4151404.346.4151.

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