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Jumpy House Rentals Atlanta: Sprinkles Party Idea

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sprinke party idealJumpy House Rentals: The Sprinkles Cake. It’s just your basic in a box funfetti cake with a white icing and slammed with more sprinkles than a girl could ever want. Next time, we’ll freeze the cake, layer on the frosting, chill again, then roll in the sprinkles. Ours look a little like fringe which wasn’t the look we were going for but hey, who cares!? It’s freaking adorable!

Cheesecake Cones. They look like ice cream but stand up to room temperatures like champs. Plus they are absurdly delicious. With chocolate or a simple glaze dripped over the top and decked out with sprinkles.

Cake Pops. I mean, obviously! We cheated and bought ours at stabucks then added a few sprinkles to suit the party. Little cheat-cuts are the only way that you will survive set up and make it to wardrobe.

Miniature Milkshakes. We dipped our glasses in melted white chocolate and then in sprinkles. Filled to the brim with a basic Vanilla milkshake. We keep the shake frozen until we were ready to use, then filled the chilled glasses. They lasted quite a while at room temp too!

Champagne & Strawberry Jello Square. Technically jello shots, but please. We aren’t in college anymore. We’re sophisticated and we like our jello shots cubed! So we filled a small pan with our jello mixture then layered on the sprinkles. Big mistake. They melted into the jello turning it a funny shade of black. So, naturally, we layered more on top. And it looked cute enough. If we were having a do-over, we’d let the jello set then toss on those bad boys.

Ice Cream Sandwiches: We upped the cute factor by using Pizzelles, filling them with softened vanilla ice cream then rolling them in sprinkles. Easy peasy!

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